Standing out by blending in
The art of living with nature

Nordic design saunas

Blending traditional materials with clean contemporary design to reconnect with nature within you — Read more

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Wooden shingle roofs

Wooden shingle roofs and facades are signature features of our houses and saunas. Consider this time-proven, ecological solution for your buildings!

Wooden houses and cabins

Inspired by Nordic hyttes and Baltic homesteads, we present our take on living in a natural way. All you need and nothing you don't.

Our story

We draw our inspiration and our brand name from the Randu meadows on the Baltic coast in Northern Latvia — a protected wildlife area next to our hometown Ainaži. It reminds us daily that there is another way of living, one that must have been known to our ancestors but seems lost in our daily life.

We try to create products that blend respect for traditional local crafts, admiration of nature's materials, love for great design and sense of responsibility. We enjoy the lifestyle heritage of nations around the Baltic sea and try to remix that in a way that can improve life today.

Vibes of traditional Nordic hyttes, Baltic farmsteads and Finnish saunas. Quality craftsmanship and contemporary Scandinavian design that does not feel out of place even in untouched nature. Qualities that blend into nature, quietly stand out, and stand up for a better way.

Our company

We are a natural construction company based in Latvia. Our main activities are design and construction of wooden cabins, saunas and houses and natural construction materials.

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